Human Motorcycles Made from Body-Painted Yoga Gurus

To promote the upcoming Progressive International Motorcycle Show, advertising and branding studio i.d.e.a. created a series of human motorcycles from the contorted bodies of yoga experts and circus performers.

We’ve seen impressive body-painting and displays of yoga skills before, but these human motorcycles are in a category of their own. “We sought to combine the art of the motorcycle with true art, thereby elevating the ads to something people would want to look at, enjoy, and share,” i.d.e.a. said about their unique project, and they’ve certainly achieved their goal. Photos and posters of their creations have gone viral on the Internet, and for good reason – they are simply spectacular. They employed the talents of professional body painted Trina Mery to turn a team of yoga experts, circus performers and flexible dancers into a speed bike, cruiser, and dirt bike to be ridden by the Progressive International Motorcycle Show’s host, Erin Bates. They did such a good job that in some photos you can’t even tell she’s just riding a bunch of people, not a real motorcycle.

The speed bike, cruiser, and dirt bike took 18, 15 and 13.5 hours to make and as you can imagine, it took a lot of stretching to get the “components” into just the right position. In case you’re wondering about their physical comfort, it’s worth noting there were two massage therapists on set at all times. And considering the flexible participants in the project had to hold a specific pose from between 10 seconds to two minutes, I’m sure massages were a welcome reward.



via Business Insider

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