Josh Bryan’s Triangulations – Captivating Celebrity Portraits Made with Triangles

I’ve never been a fan of geometry, but I found Josh Bryan’s artistic use of a basic geometric shape simply irresistible. The 20-year-old English artist uses triangles of various sizes to create incredibly detailed portraits of celebrities he calls triangulations.

“The creative process is quite simple,” Bryan told My Modern Metropolis.  “I make sure the image I use as a reference isn’t too well-known, even though the subjects are. I then map triangles over the face drawing, around the different tones on the face. The lines are added in afterwards to determine the amount of tone needed in each triangle.” When I first saw some of his works, I was convinced they were digital renderings made with advanced software like Adobe Illustrator, but it turns out every line is drawn by hand with black fineliner pens. After examining these incredible artworks more carefully, I noticed some of the lines weren’t perfectly straight, proof that the almost computer-like portraits were indeed drawn by a human hand.

Each one of Josh Bryan’s triangulations is made up of hundreds of triangles, and can take between 7 and 12 hours to complete, depending on the number of lines that need to be drawn in every triangle in order to darken the tone. His collection of celebrity portraits includes renderings of Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter. The latest addition to the series is a mind-blowing portrait of late singer Amy Winehouse.