Man Drinks 10 Cans of Coke a Day for Three Months to Show the Harmful Effects of High Levels of Sugar

50-year-old George Prior wanted to show the world just how harmful Coca-Cola can be to the human body. So he embarked on a special ‘Coke diet’ challenge during which he consumed 10 cans of Coke a day for three months. That’s 35 g of sugar per can, and a total of 350 g of sugar every day, which is the equivalent of 70 sugar cubes. Needless to say, the results were not good.

George’s formerly healthy and muscular physique has now changed drastically. His Coke guzzling habits gave him a pot belly, he lost muscle mass, and his weight shot up from 168 lb to 192 lb. His blood pressure also soared from 129/77 to 145/96 – way above the ideal 120/80. All these alterations to his body have greatly increased the risk of heart disease or stroke.

George also said that he was experiencing intense cravings and feared he was becoming addicted to Coca-Cola. He did try his best to stick to his normal Paleo diet with low carbohydrates, lean meats, vegetables and berries, but he couldn’t shake off the sugar cravings that hit him from time to time. In fact, he found it difficult to eat as much food because all that Coke made him feel full at lunch and dinner times. And the actual drinking was an ‘irritating chore’ because of the constant visits to the restroom and a clutter of cans everywhere.


Based on his findings, George is now encouraging people to examine the amount of sugar in their diets. “People need to be aware of the real and powerful damaging effects of sugar on their health,” he said. “I did the experiment to get people thinking and talking about how much sugar they eat and how unhealthy it is.” And now that it’s all over, he says he would prefer never to do it again.

George, a father-of-two, is especially concerned about the effect that sugar has on children. “Kids shouldn’t drink Cokes,” he said. “But then kids shouldn’t drink juices, either, and that’s going to be a very hard sell to parents who believe that juice is ‘natural’, or even ‘organic’. It’s sugar, and not only do kids not need it, it’s bad for them.” Indeed, research has found that sugary drinks are a primary cause for type 2 diabetes and tooth decay in children. Fizzy drinks have also been found to fuel the obesity epidemic and lead to serious illnesses like cancer, heart disease and stroke.


“I think there are a lot of people suffering health problems like diabetes and heart disease, who aren’t aware they could help themselves by just stopping sugar” George explained. He severely criticized Coca-Cola for their marketing techniques to make people believe that Coke is good for them. He also pointed out that drinks with ‘zero’ or ‘low’ sugar contain artificial sweeteners that are just as harmful.

“Sugar is legal, soft drinks are legal,” he said. “Coke’s genius plan is ‘reduce’ the amount of sugar in their drinks. It’s genius because it makes them look like they care, but still continue to sell sugar. I’d like to see controls on the lobbying and spending of big corporations who sell sugar and don’t want the government to tell people how bad it is.”


“The responsibility is with the consumers,” Prior concluded.

Photos: 10 Cokes a Day/Facebook

Sources: 10 Cokes a Day, LA Weekly

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