Mind-Blowing 3D Sketchbook Artworks by Nagai Hideyuki

21-year-old Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki creates amazing sketchbook drawings which viewed from the right angle create a realistic 3D illusion.

We’ve featured some pretty impressive three-dimensional art in the past, and young Hideyuki’s works are right up there with the best. Using a technique known as anamorphosis, the talented Japanese is able to create mind-boggling masterpieces that seem to come to life right out of his sketchbook. At 17, Nagai dreamed of becoming a cartoonist, but soon realized drawing comics wasn’t the thing for him. Then, three years later, he stumbled upon Julian Beever’s street art, and instantly fell in love with the idea of creating 3D artworks. Unfortunately, he discovered drawing on the streets of Japan was illegal, so he started looking for another way to exercise his talents. That’s how his intriguing sketchbook art was born.

Using just pens and pencils, Nagai Hidyuki makes great use of the Trompe l’oeil art technique to fool the viewer into thinking he’s actually looking at a 3D dimensional shape, when he’s really just gazing at the artist’s sketches cleverly propped at 90° to one another.










For more of Hide’s incredible 3D artworks, check out his Jimdo website.

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