New York Restaurant Sells Bone Broth Popsicles

Springbone Kitchen, a New York restaurant famous for its trendy bone broth, has found a way making the meaty liquid appealing even when it’s hot outside by turning it into a popsicle.

The bone broth diet trend has been around for a while, but it really picked up steam last winter when celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek and Shailene Woodley revealed they were big fans. Soup-themed stores and eateries started popping up in major U.S. cities and Dr. Kellyann’s “Bone Broth Diet” book became a bestseller, with many health dieters relying on the meat-flavored soup as a meal replacement. But while it’s understandable that the hot broth became popular during the cold winter months, it’s a lot harder to sell when it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside.


Photo: Springbone Kitchen

But Springbone Kitchen, in Greenwich Village, has come up with an ingenious solution – serving bone broth as a refreshing treat. At first, they tried simply serving it cold, but found it was to gelatinous. So they decided to combine the broth, which is made by slowly boiling animal bones in water, with coconut milk, raspberry puree, pomegranate juice, maple sugar, freeze the mixture and serve it as popsicles.

“It’s a little bit sweet,” Springbone Kitchen founder, Jordan Feldman, told The New York Post, adding that the taste of meat is barely detectable. “It’s there, but it’s totally overwhelmed by the other flavors,” he claimed. Not everyone agrees with him, though. Last week, talk-show host Kelly Ripa and Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons tried the $4 bone broth popsicles on live TV and didn’t seem too impressed. They loved the fruity flavor of the treat at first, but then the meaty aftertaste kicked in and left them disappointed.


Photo: Joanna Borns/Buzzfeed

Specially prepared to contain little sodium but lots of collagen, vitamins, and minerals, bone broth is touted as a health food that can help you lose weight, boost the immune system, and make your hair and skin look prettier.

The Bone broth popsicle has been called the “it” frozen treat of the summer, but we think it has some pretty strong competition in coconut ash ice cream and Winecream, a wine-based ice-cream.