Seven-Month-Old Instagram Sensation Stuns Internet with Her Impressive Mop of Hair

Some people work years to build a following on social media, but one Japanese baby managed to get a following of over 70,000 people on Instagram in just a couple of months thanks to her luscious hair.

@BabyChanko’s is certainly not the first baby to have been born with a full set of hair, but hers just kept growing longer and thicker with each day. When she was four months old, her mother decided to set up an account where she documented the girl’s amazing set of hair. It became known as a ‘hair diary’ and gained around 40,000 followers in no time at all. That number has almost doubled in the last few days, as photos of BabyChanko went viral and have been doing the rounds online.

Photo: @BabyChanko/Instagram

Looking at @BabyChanko‘s fabulous hair, you can hardly believe she was born just seven months ago. That thing would look impressive on a full-grown adult, let alone a toddler. Even the photos of her at four months show an amazing mane, and it seems to be getting better with each passing day.

With this kind of hair growth rate, this baby may just become a real-life Rapunzel one day. Unless her parents decide to start cutting her fabulous mop, which would be a shame.

Interestingly, BabyChanco is already making some money just by looking fabulous online. Ever since her page started getting tens of thousands of followers, sponsors have been lining up to get tagged or at least mentioned in posts.

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