Social Distancing Has People So Bored They Are Littering Counting Seeds in Pieces of Fruit

Having to spend days on end indoors has so people so incredibly bored that they are coming up with all kinds of bizarre ways of passing the time.

Case in point one Vietnamese math student who recently spent a day meticulously extracting every single seed from a piece of dragon fruit and presenting her finding online. “So far, I found out that in a piece of dragon fruit weighing 13,867g (height: 46mm, length: 32mm) has up to 245 seeds and that, on average, a seed weighs 0.0045322449g ,” the student wrote on Facebook.

“I was bored, so…” the young woman explained, when people started asking her why she went through the trouble of counting hundreds of tiny seeds.

As strange as it may sound, counting fruit seeds has become quite popular during the ongoing social distancing lifestyle imposed in many countries, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Social media is full of photos of strawberries, and dragon fruits with all their tiny seeds out of boredom.

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