Talented Artist Tattoos Celebrity Portraits on Bananas

Honey is a talented graphic artist and designer from the Philippines, who occupies her free time by turning bananas into organic works of art. Her only tool – a common safety pin.

Even when she’s not working with big names like Mercedes Benz, Seiko, Yamaha, Takamine, Carrows, or Volvo, Honey likes to be creative. Constantly trying to expand her range of abilities, she came up with a way of making art from household fruit. “When I’m not sitting in front of a computer, I’m always looking for something creative to do,” she says on her blog. “We always have bananas in the house so then, I thought maybe I could draw on them but it wasn’t easy as I thought it would be. I kept puncturing the skin with my pen.” After noticing that the  peel turned brown after being exposed to air, she decided to use this oxidation process to her advantage, and replaced the pen with a the first sharp and pointy thing she could get her hands on – a safety pin. Using the same technique as tattoo artists, Honey pierces the skin of the banana peel hundreds of times, in specific patterns, creating beautiful ephemeral portraits of celebrities.

Honey takes between half an hour and two hours to complete one of her banana portraits, after which she photographs them and eats the fruit. “It’s fun! You guys should try it some time,” she suggests, but I doubt too many people could create the same kind of detailed artworks. Still, I think I will give it a try if only to remind myself I have no artistic talent whatsoever.

Banana tattooing has become quite popular in recent years, with artists like Phil Hansen and Jun Gil Park creating some of the most detailed works ever etched into the skin of a fruit. Now Honey joins the group with her intricate portraits.







Source: Sweet Station