The Beautiful Cut Canvas Portraits of Kuin Heuff

At first glance, Dutch artist Kuin Heuff‘s portraits seem to be made up of a dizzying number of converging lines, but in reality, the creative process couldn’t be more different.

The Rotterdam-based artist, whose work focuses on the intricacies of the human face, starts off by creating acrylic paintings of the faces she wants to render. But while other artists would leave it at that, she takes her art to a whole new level by taking a sharp knife and cutting away maze-like patterns to create negative space. The process becomes even more impressive when you realize how important deciding when and where to cut, considering every stroke of the knife is irreversible. Yet Kuin Heuff pulls it off with relative ease, showing incredible skill and an eye for what’s important in her art.

The lace-like patterns Heuff creates are not the only impressive aspect of her amazing works. By carefully selecting the right gradient, the Dutch artist manages to make these 2D portraits look almost 3D and alive. The curved lines look like scars in the subjects’ faces, making the portraits a cut above the rest.







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