The Intriguing Skull Illusions of Istvan Orosz

Famous Hungarian artist Istvan Orosz creates intricate optical illusions that always hide a human skull. The presence of the eerie element is more obvious in some of his works than in others, but they are all equally impressive.

If you like optical illusions, you’ll love Orosz’s anamorphosis. The meticulously executed works of art will trick you into thinking you’re eyes are looking at Medieval-themed drawings before you spot the cleverly disguised skulls. I don’t know why the Hungarian graphic designer, poster artist and film director chose a skull as the main element of his works, but his talent or optical illusions is unquestionable.

Wikipedia defines anamorphosis as “a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image. The word “anamorphosis” is derived from the Greek prefix ana-, meaning back or again, and the word morphe, meaning shape or form.” There are some who say Leonardo’s Eye is the earliest known anamorphosis work, dating back to 1485, while others claim it originated in China, from where it was brought to Italy, during the Renaissance. Istvan Orosz has made it his goal to renew this amazing art form.









Photos © Istvan Orosz, Gallery Diabolus

via Illusion360

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