The Mind-Blowingly Realistic Wine Paintings of Thomas Arvid

If you’ve been hanging around Oddity Central for a while, you probably know I have a thing for hyperrealism. I find it amazing how some artists can simply guide a paintbrush to create photograph-like artworks that almost always fool the naked eye.

Case in point, Thomas Arvid, a self-taught painter who creates wine-related paintings that look like professional high-resolution photos. In the past, we’ve featured amazing works by talented artists the likes of Alyssa Monks or Denis Peterson, but Arvid’s creations really are unlike any I’ve ever seen. His incredibly realistic compositions of wine completely redefine still life and put the Marietta-based artist at the forefront of the hyperrealist art movement. Thomas’ mastery of light, depth and reflection, as well as his ability to capture a traditional subject like wine in a completely new style have brought him international acclaim.

What’s most surprising about the Detroit-native artist is he has had no formal training in the art of painting. Growing up in a blue-collar family, Thomas Arvid had always been drawn to artistic activities like drawing, sculpting or making murals, but following his calling wasn’t an option back then. It wasn’t until he left Detroit for Atlanta, and embarking on a tour of Europe that he discovered his true purpose in life. He realized he could be more than someone who created art on the side, he could become a true artist. Soon he discovered new techniques and inspiration to work with oils, and all there was left to do was find a subject to focus on.

Asked what made him choose wine as the main subject of his hyperrealist paintings, Arvid says: “The hardest thing about being an artist is deciding what to create next, because really, the possibilities are endless. Early on, I knew I needed to focus, to not be all over the place, so I decided to paint things that were Red: Red Converse, Red Coke cans, Red Radio Flyer wagons. All those red icons we see around us, and red wine was one. That first wine painting had so much impact. I did another, and another. Then I realized. This is it. It has all the elements that intrigue and challenge me as an artist: Color, contrast, cool and warm surfaces, a range of color and texture, and an unlimited number of possible compositions.”

Thomas Arvid’s work has been showcased in galleries across America, and his creations are especially popular among wineries and vineyard owners who recognize him as today’s most talented painter of wine.

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Photos copyright of Thomas Arvid