The Wearable Weedrobes of Nicole Dextras

Weedrobes is a series of ephemeral sculptures, created by Nicole Dextras, to emphasize our dysfunctional relationship to both our bodies and the environment.

Nicole Dextras’ collection of eco-wearable dresses is made of live plants, including flowers, leaves and even thorns. We’ve seen live plant dresses before, during PETA protests, but Nicole Dextras’ creations are true environmental works of art that could actually be a part of a fancy fashion show.

Images courtesy of Nicole Dextras

CAMELLIA COUNTESSA – Camellia Flowers, Lilac Flowers, Yucca Leaves, Laurel Leaves, and Thorns.

HYDRANGEA TOURNURE – Hydrangea Flowers, Magnolia Leaves, Laurel Leaves, and Thorns.

SUNDAY BEST – Laurel Leaves, Rosehips, Various Leaves and Thorns.

CRAB APPLE GOWN – Crab Apples, Kale Leaves, Thorns and Hemp Thread.

YUCCA PROM DRESS – Yucca Leaves and Flowers, Thorns.

CABBAGE SMOCK – Red and Green Cabbages, Gunnera Leaves, Green Beans, and Thorns.

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