The Wedding House – World’s Smallest Five-Star Hotel

At 2.5 meters wide and with just 53 square meters of floor space, the Eh Häusel (Wedding House) in Amberg, Germany is the world’s smallest hotel, and a five-star one at that.

From the outside, the Eh Häusel looks like it’s been pushed into the narrow space between two neighboring buildings, but it’s the interior that’s supposed to impress its guests. The hotel is set up on 6 staggered floors and has all the features you’re used to finding in a luxury hotel, including a very comfortable bed, fireplace, fine furniture, flat screen TV and spa bathroom. Guests from as far as China or Mexico pay 240 euros to spend a night at the world’s smallest hotel, and believe it or not the Eh Häusel is fully booked many months in advance. Of course that’s partly due to the fact that’s it’s so small it can only be occupied by one couple at a time.

Photo by Eh Häusl 

But the Wedding House wasn’t always a luxury hotel. It was built in 1728, in a time when the Amberg town council decided couples could only get married if they owned a residence. A resourceful merchant came up with the idea of building a small and cheap enough house in the 2.5 meter space between two buildings and offered it two young couples who wanted to get married. They lived in it for a few weeks than sold it to other lovebirds who wanted to be legally married, and with different newlyweds occupying it every few weeks, it became known as the Wedding House. Legend has it people who spend one night at the Eh Häusl live happily ever after and never get divorced.

Photo by Eh Häusl 

Couples who have stayed at the unique Amberg hotel say it has every convenience you can imagine, despite the tight spaces, and that’s it’s the prefect place to spend a romantic night with your partner.


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