You Thought Reborn Babies Were Creepy? How About Vampire Reborn Babies?

Reborn baby dolls have been around for a few years now, and while some people love them so much they actually treat them like real babies, their ultra-realistic look creep a lot of people out. But one artist has managed to make these thing even creepier by making vampire reborn babies.

After seeing Chucky the killer doll in those cheesy 90s horror movies, I’ve never looked at dolls the same way I used to. So it’s fair to say the first time I saw photos of reborn baby dolls, I freaked out a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the skill and patience of artists who spend hours on end sculpting these realistic newborns and applying several layers of paint just to make their skin look more natural, but i wouldn’t want to have one of them in my house. And just when I though reborn babies couldn’t get any creepier, I discovered artist Bean Shanine, who creates vampire and zombie reborn babies.

Bean won her first coloring contest when she was just five years old. It happened at a McDonald’s and the prize was delivered by a man in a bunny costume, but it meant so much to her that she continued exercising her artistic talents all through her high-school days. But the older she got, the more she realized she didn’t have much of a chance to make it as an artist, so she decided to put her art days behind her and move one. But then one day she discovered reborn babies. She was stunned by their realistic look and she though to herself that it would be so cool to have a little reborn vampire. After searching online, she realized there weren’t any out there, so she decided to make one herself. After she was done, Bean posted her doll on eBay and sold it right away. It was just the reaction she needed to keep her making more. Now she has her own Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery.

One of these monster reborn babies costs between $650 and $950, but it can go up to $1,500 for child-size dolls. Bean Shanine also takes custom orders, so, depending on specifications, I guess the price can be even higher. But if you’re a fan of creepy things, I’m sure you’ll spare no expense to own one of these creepy toddlers.







Photos © The Bean Stalk Nursery