This Levitating Indoor Cloud Is the Coolest Bluetooth Speaker Ever

American designer Richard Clarkson has recently teamed up with Crealev, a company specializing in levitation technology, to create ‘Making Weather’ – a Bluetooth speaker disguised as a realistic-looking levitating cloud.

This wonder of design and technology is a continuation of Clarkson’s 2014 ‘Smart Cloud’ project. Originally unveiled as a hanging lamp, his indoor cloud has recently evolved into a levitating unit, thanks to innovative technology developed by Dutch startup Crealev. With the help of powerful magnets embedded into an oval base and the cloud, Making Weather floats 1-2 inches off the ground. The designer claims that the cloud has “full rotational movement” and even bobs slightly up and down to create a “realistic atmospheric experience”.

The levitating cloud is made of clumps of felted hypoallergenic polyester fibers and has a Bluetooth speaker built-in, along with strategically placed reactive LED lights that make it seem like a thunderstorm is “dancing” to the music. Sounds pretty cool right?m Luckily, Clarkson and Crealev have already released a video of the prototype, so you can see it in action.

However, while the original Smart Cloud lamp is a commercially available product priced at a whopping $3,360, you can’t buy your own levitating indoor cloud just yet. It’s probably going to be released in the near future, for a small fortune, of course.


Richard Clarkson Studio, Clearev