Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls – A Waterfall You Can Climb With Your Bare Feet

Waterfalls are notoriously slippery, so trying to climb them without specialized gear is usually a bad idea, but at the Bua Thong Waterfalls in Thailand’s Chiang Mai province visitors can climb almost vertical falls using only their hands and feet.

The so-called Sticky Waterfalls get their name from the incredibly grippy limestone rocks that the water runs over. They feel like a very hard sponge to the touch and even though they can be described as prickly, you can easily climb them barefoot without hurting yourself. Because no algae or slimes adheres to this callous rock surface, the limestone creates enough friction to prevent slipping, allowing anyone in decent physical shape to climb even the steepest parts of the waterfalls.

Photo: Brian Jeffery Beggerly/Flickr

The milky-white water tumbling down over the cream-colored, bubble-like rocks is fed by a calcium-rich spring at the top, and it’s this calcium that actually makes the waterfalls sticky. The rounded shape of the limestone wall gives the impression that the Bua Thong Waterfalls make a great natural waterslide, but in this place, you can’t really slide down, you have to climb up.


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Most visitors walk down to the bottom of Bua Thong, take off their footwear, and climb the limestone walls. There are 5 different levels to experience and the steps on the side of the waterfall help people overcome the hardest parts. There are also ropes to help visitors mitigate the steepest walls, but daredevils sometimes attempt the climb using only their hands and feet.


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It’s not every day that you get to feel like Spiderman, especially while climbing a waterfall, so if you’re ever in Chaing Mai, maybe drop by the Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls. They aren’t the most popular tourist attraction in the region, so apart from some locals, you’re probably not going to find it too crowded.


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Day 3. 🌿💦 Sticky Waterfall💦🌿 (Bua Thong- Chiang Mai) We hired a driver for the entire day which was the best decision we made, a GRAB would have been slightly cheaper however we would never have got the experience we did today. Mac, our Thai driver took us to the Sticky Waterfalls, where you can climb against the fast flowing water…super cool! We then took a trek through the jungle…which was a huge mistake 🙈….found a nice hidden waterfall though. Then met up with our driver again who recommended somewhere to eat… and where we spent a huge £1 for a meal 😮He then took us to temples and a hidden monastery where we were personally met and blessed by a Monk. We climbed what felt like 1000+ steps to a huge cave containing thousands of bats, and a 30+ft Buddha. Even Mac had never seen inside before, so it was a first for all of us. Monks climb those steps every day to work on the cave. As they do not yet have a temple of their own, the public are not known to visit…a real hidden gem. Back to the car, and we drove along miles of rice fields, and headed to more temples. We had a minor emergency when Stu split his head open, but was well treated by locals who rushed to clean and patch him up. We decided to head “home” as you can imagine he had a pretty sore head. We then packed our bags for the morning, as we have two flights to catch down to Krabi. Chiang Mai is a MUST!! I wish we were staying here longer….it was by far the most amazing start to our trip. * #ChiangMai #Travel #travelers #stickywaterfall #jungle #Thailand #nature #hiddengems #temples #monks #monastery #Buddhism #peaceful #calming #buddha #airasia #lionair

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