Solo Per Due – World’s Smallest Restaurant Only Seats Two People at a Time

If you’re searching for the most private restaurant dining experience possible, look no further than Solo Per Due, a small ristorante in Vacone, Italy, that only features one table and two chairs.

Aptly named “Solo Per Due”, Italian for “just for two”, the world’s smallest restaurant only accepts two people at a time. This unique feature makes the Italian restaurant a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, but especially for lovers. There are no queues, no turns and no waiting, but booking this place for a romantic dinner, especially on holidays like Valentine’s Day can be a real challenge. Only around 1,500 people get a chance to enjoy the unparalleled privacy Solo Per Due has to offer, and it’s this exclusivity that best explains the set price of €250 ($335) per person (not including wine and champagne). The idea behind this unique eatery is that guests enjoy true intimacy and get the full attention of the cooking and waiting staff, which guarantees an extra special dining experience.


Located in a 19th century building, close to the ruins of an ancient villa where the Latin poet Horatio once lived, Solo Per Due features a traditional decor, with a cozy fireplace, chandeliers and romantic candle holders. The menu is based on a selection of fresh locally-sourced ingredients, including homemade extra-virgin olive oil, sheep’s cheese, fresh pasta and local sweets and pastry. At the end of their magical lunch or dinner, clients are asked to write their impressions of Solo Per Due in a Memory Book full of messages from past diners.





Photos © Solo Per Due