Walter’s Coffee Roastery – A Breaking Bad-Themed Cafe in Istanbul

If Breaking Bad’s Walter White ever decided to go into the coffee business and open his own cafe, it would probably look a lot like the awesome ‘Walter’s Coffee Roastery’, in Istanbul.

Inspired by the popular TV show Breaking Bad, Deniz Kosan, a young Turkish entrepreneur, has opened the “world’s first Coffee Super Lab.” Everything inside this unique cafe, right from the roasting equipment to the beaker-like espresso cups or the giant periodic table covering one of the walls reminds you of Walter White and his meth lab. The staff often don yellow hazardous materials suits and the menu features plenty of Breaking bad references, like pancakes with Walter White’s face powdered on them or Blue Sky-decorated cupcakes.


Kosan, a big fan of Breaking Bad, and his cousin – who actually looks a lot like the chemistry professor turned criminal mastermind and even goes by the name Heisenberg- realized that there was a dearth of originality in the food industry, so they decided to open a coffee shop themed like a chemical lab.


Walter’s Coffee Roastery is not an officially licensed Breaking Bad venue – no actual names, terms, or logos from the TV series are used, but step into the and you’ll spot the many references in a heartbeat.






Photos: Walter’s Coffee Roastery/Facebook

via Bored Panda