Robot Band Compressorhead Puts the “Metal” in Heavy Metal

Compressorhead is not your usual heavy-metal rock group. The band’s three members are all robots, but they’ve proven they can cover hits by rock legends like Motorhead or AC/DC honorably. They’re even scheduled to play alongside The┬áChili Peppers and The Killers, at the Big Day Out Festival, in Australia, this summer.

Assembling, cooking, waiting tables, even horse riding; robots have proven capable of doing all of these jobs, but until now, musicians seemed like they had nothing to fear. Well, not anymore – introducing Compressorhead, a rock band made up of three real metal heads: Fingers, Bones and Stickboy. They are robots that can be programmed to cover hits by pretty much any rock group that ever existed, but so far they seem to prefer heavyweights like Black Sabbath, Pantera or Led Zeppelin. They’re a bit lacking in the creative department, but I’m sure they’ll improve on that as they go along. The robot group hail from Germany and hope to conquer human kind with their music, instead of Terminator-like force. Let’s meet the boys:

Photo: Compressorhead/Facebook

Sickboy, the bad-ass drummer, was created to specifications, in 2007. He has “4 arms, 2 legs, one head, and no brain”, and plays a Pearl 14 set with double kick.

Fingers, the guitarist, joined Stickboy in 2009. He has 78 purpose-built fingers, “enough to play the entire fret board and pluck”.

Bones, the bassist, is the youngest member of Compressorhead (created in 2012), and “the highest precision bass player in known existence”.

Photo: Compressorhead/Facebook

Compressorhead via Music Feed

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