Teen Finds YouTube Success by Filming Himself Studying for Hours in Silence

Making it as a YouTube creator usually involves posting informative or exciting content, but one young YouTuber in South Korea has been proving that doing the exact opposite can have very similar results. He has been posting 7-hour long videos of him just studying in silence and still managed to get hundreds of thousands of subscribers in just a couple of months.

Bot-No-Jam (Korean for “a robot which is no fun”) is not your typical YouTube success story. The mysterious young man has found a niche that most of us would have never believed could be popular – studying. And, no, this is not some cool and exciting way of studying, but plain old sitting behind a desk reading and taking notes, in total silence, for several hours at a time. For some reason, people just love to watch him do it. How else could you explain the fact that Bot-No-Jam’s channel has gotten nearly 330,000 subscribers since April?

Photo: @botnojam_every/Twitter

Bot-No-Jam uploaded his very first “Study with Me” video to YouTube in June 2017, but only started adding new content to his channel just over two months ago. With only a handful of exceptions, the dozens of videos show the young man sitting behind a desk in his room, reading various handbooks and taking notes. He never speaks, rarely gets up from his chair and appears completely focused on studying. Believe it or not, most of his videos are nearly 7 hours long.

It sounds hard to believe, but Bot-No-Jam is somewhat of a social media sensation in South Korea. Not only do his videos get hundreds of thousands of views, with many of his fans spending hours with their eyeballs glued to their monitors or smartphone displays when he livestreams, but some have set up Twitter accounts where they post screen captured images of Bot-No-Jam. The most popular of these accounts, called “Everything about ‘Bot-No-Jam,’” has nearly 4,200 followers.

The studying addict was also featured on a Korean television SBS’s morning show “Morning Wide” where he revealed that his YouTube handle was inspired by a nickname he got in military school:

“People used to call me a robot when I was serving the military. I expected nobody would see me just studying all day, so I added the words ‘No-Jam’ on my YouTube user name.”

Bot-No-Jam also said that he is currently studying hard for an exam to become a police officer, but he didn’t say whether he would continue streaming if he passes. With thousands of new fans subscribing to his channel virtually every day, he’d be crazy not to. I guess.

Some people have attributed Bot-No-Jam’s success to his good looks, which does make some sense, but some comments suggest that at least some of his fans find his content interesting.


“I’ve never seen such an interesting video in my entire life,” one person wrote on YouTube. Their comment received over 4,000 likes.

So yeah, if you ever want to try your luck as a YouTuber but can’t come up with exciting content, just try the exact opposite, something really boring. May I suggest sleeping or watching paint dry? Bot-No-Jam is living proof that it works.


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via Korea Herald