Woman Saves Money by Not Using Toilet Paper or Doing Laundry

Kay, a woman from New York who’s going to be featured on TLC’s upcoming series Extreme Cheapskates, uses a combination of soap and water to rinse her private parts after using the restroom, instead of spending money on toilet paper, like the rest of us.

In the first episode of TLC’s new series, Kay explains how she uses a simple bar of soap and a bottle of water to clean herself up after using the bathroom. After she urinates, the woman says she just dries herself up with some paper towels, but”If I took a dump then I also grab soap, wipe myself down with the soap, then I take the water and rinse off the soap”, she explains in the recently-released trailer, making us all count the days until October 16 when the show airs. “I don’t believe in spending money on something that you’re just going to throw away such as toilet paper or paper towels,” she says, trying to explain her bizarre behavior.

But her refusal to spend money on toilet paper isn’t the only thing that makes Kay an extreme cheapskate. She also reveals she hasn’t done laundry in the last three years, which she reckons has helped her save $6 a month. It’s not a fortune, but when you set a strict budget for yourself like she has, every cent counts. Instead she washes all her clothes by hand, while she takes a shower. Kay then hangs them up in the shower and lets them dry naturally, which she claims helps keeps clothes looking newer for longer than if you were using a dryer.

I’m having a hard time believing everything this woman says… I mean, she gives the term “cheapskate” a whole new meaning.

via Gothamist

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