Dirndl Dresses for Horses

Pet fashion really took off in recent years, so I wasn’t that surpised to see these horses dressed in traditional Bavarian dresses.

Dirndl dresses are famous all around the world for being Bavaria’s traditional outfits, thousands of Bavarian women wear them, and now, apparently even horses. German designer Hildegard Bergbauer used to create drindl dresses only for women, but has recenlty began taking orders for house pets and even horses.

The horses do look elegant in their brand-new drindl dresses, but I do believe the young Bavarian beauties holding them look even better.

Photos by Alexandra Beier/REUTERS

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The Retirement of Billy the Goat

Having a goat as a member of the Royal Army might seem funny to most people, but it has been a British tradition for more than 200 years.

Lance Corporal William Windsor has served in the army for the last eight years, traveling overseas, meeting royalty and leading military parades. His comrades from the 1st Battalion of the Royal Welsh said goodbye to their loyal colleague as he walked by to the trailer that took him to the zoo, where he will spend his retirement.

Billy the Goat is a Kashmir goat and was offered as a gift to the Royal Army, by the Queen herself. Billy’s replacement will be announced in June, when another kid goat will be picked from a heard in Great Orme, North Wales.

Photos by PA and REUTERS

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Wall-E PC-Case Mod

Animation can have a weird effect on people. For example, this guy built a custom Wall-E pc case after watching the famous animation movie.

This Russian fellow spent 18 days building this awesome pc case mod from scratch, after watching Wall-E. He just fely had to have Wall-E hold his computer components and because there was no such case on the market, he decided to build it himself. I have to say the result is nothing less than mind-blowing, and watching the entire building process on Casemods.ru, made me admire his work even more.

I’m sure many of you would kill to have such a thing of beauty sitting on your desk, and, to be honest, I would too.





















The Sand-Eating Woman

I’ve heard about a lot of weird things that people take pleasure in eating, but sand?

Apparently there is someone out there who not only eats sand, but considers it a delicacy. Not much is known about this woman, other than she lives in a Russian village and every day she goes out, fills her bucket with sand and…eats it. You can see from the pics that she likes her sand very much.

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Asics Presents the Hamburger Sneakers

They look delicious, but no, they’re not edible.

Before you run down to your nearest sports shop, asking for a pair of Asics Gettry Procourt AR sneakers, you should know they have only been released in Japan. This fast-food-inspired line of footwear is a collaboration between Asics and Japanese retailer Gettry. It comes in all the colors associated with hamburger ingredients (meat, cheese, ketchup, lettuce, mustard), has french-fries printed on the insoles, and the perforated front resembles a fresh bun.

The Asics Hamburger Sneakers retail at 14,700 Yen ($155).

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Mister Plastic Fingers

This dude would make a great escape artist. I bet he could break out of a pair of handcuffs with ease.

Sure, he’s no Rubberboy, but I tried bending my fingers like that, and I almost broke one of them. Looking at some of the photos, I thought to myself ‘this doesn’t look too difficult’, but turns out I was seriously wrong. Either that or I have the stiffest hands on Earth.

Take a look at mister flexible here and let me know if you can pull of his hand-tricks. Don’t over-do it though, I take no personal responsibility for your injuries.

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Goat on a Wire

Balancing on a wire is a tough job for a human, let alone for a goat. Still, the animal trainers at a Chinese circus managed to teach this goat how to keep its balance while having a small monkey perform stunts on its head.

And I thought Eskil Ronningsbakken’s balancing stunts were impressive. What this goat does is ten times cooler.

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Paper-made Clothing

Ever imagined wearing something as plain as paper? Well, with House-Wear Clothing, now you can.

Founded by Lisa Sansone, this environment-friendly clothing line is made out of a material called Tyvec, commonly used to make mailing envelopes.  That makes the clothes very recyclable after you’re done wearing them, so you can just dump them at the nearest Tyvec recycling center.

If you’re wondering, yes, House-Wear Clothing is reusable. That means you don’t have to throw your dress away if you get it dirty. You can pop it into the washing machine without worries. In fact, every time you wash them, the clothes become softer, smoother.

Every piece of clothing is hand printed with non-toxic dyes, so no two pieces are exactly alike.

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FIT-PC2 – World’s Smallest PC

CompuLab has just introduced its new PC. It’s fast, quiet and most importantly, it’s tiny.

Designed around the Intel Atom Z530 1.6 Ghz processor, the smallish Fit-pc2 is a real power-saver too. It manages to run Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu Linux, using just 6W and can render full HD 1080p videos with just 7W.

The Fit-pc2 is fan and blower free, managing to stay cool thanks to its smart aluminum casing that dissipates heat. It may be just 4”x4.5”x1.05” (smaller that a CD), but it’s a pretty mean machine for its size. Here’s what u can find inside:
* 1.6GHz x86 CPU
* SATA hard disk
* DVI with graphics acceleration
* High definition audio
* LAN and WLAN
* 6 USB ports

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Charlie the Spider-Cat

Cats are great climbers, that’s not a big secret, but a cat climbing up a 13-foot dry wall? Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

Charlie is a very special seven-year-old cat from Falkirk, Britain, who has the very special skill of climbing buildings. As you’ve probably guessed, this is the talent that got him the very cool nick-name Spider-cat.

Charlie began climbing up to his owner’s flat, on the first floor of an apartment-building, after he got bored of waiting for someone to open the front door of the building, after his daily walk around the bloc. One day he just went to the back of his owner’s home, took a long look at the obstacle in front of him and just jumped up the wall. Using his front paws for grip and his behind paws for leverage, he made it up to the first floor and started miaowing until someone opened the door for him. Since that faithful day, Charlie the Spider-cat has been climbing up the dry-wall on a regular basis.

Check out the incredible video of Charlie doing what he does best, after the photos.

Photos by PA

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Amazing Surgery on a Frog

Australian vet performs life-saving operation on a frog.

A female tree frog had been nearly sliced in half by a lawnmower, but a talented vet, with a soft spot for frogs, managed to fix her back to life. Stephen Cutter spent 30 minutes in surgery, stitching the skin on the frog’s back, after it had been ripped by the blades of a lawnmower.

The procedure was very delicate, considering frogs are very sensitive to chemicals used to clean wounds on humans and other animals. But the good doctor managed to rescue the brave amphibian who fought for her life, and is now almost fully recovered.

This is not the first time doctor Cutter has saved a frog, as he confessed he has also operated and saved frogs hit by cars. Victoria, named after the Victa lawnmower that injured her, is now set to be released on the outskirts of Litchfield National Park, and has every chance of living a normal, healthy life. That’s if she doesn’t get in front of a lawnmower again.

Photos by Barcroft Media Read More »

Thumb-Wrestling Ring

Are you master of thumb-wrestling thinking of going pro? Than this thumb-wrestling ring is a must-have.

Strangely enough, this cool toy even comes with a thumb-wrestling official rulebook. Rulebook??? How many rules does thumb-wrestling have, I mean… Well anyway, it’s original and I’m sure you’ll have a fun time thumbing down all your friends.

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Dog-o-Matic – The Pet Washing Machine

Smelly-dog-owners around the world, rejoice! The Dog-o-Matic washing machine has arrived.

Invented by Romain Jarry, a 31-year-old Frenchman, the Dog-o-Matic is a pet washing machine that turns your pooch from filthy to fluffy in just 30 minutes. Jarry says his machine proved a real success in his home town of St Max, and he’s now thinking of introducing it to the rest of France, and soon Britain.

He claims the Dog-o-Matic isn’t harmful to animals, as they just sit inside waiting to be washed and dried. I reckon that depends on how used the animals are to water, the puppy in the photos doesn’t seem very calm and comfortable. All the pet-owner has to do is put the dog/cat inside the Dog-o-Matic, set the wash cycle and select the animal’s size.

I have a feeling the Dog-o-Matic will be in a world of trouble once PETA hears about it, those guys don’t joke around when animal cruelty is mentioned

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An Unlikely Duo

Primates and dogs don’t normally get along too well, but Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe, a Blue Tick hound have become best friends.

Their beautiful friendship began when Roscoe followed some of the caretakers at a South Caroline animal shelter through the gates. As soon as she saw him, Suryia ran to him and started playing. Since that day, there’s nothing the two love more than swimming and rolling around together. The friendly orangutan even takes her buddy on his daily walks and occasionally feeds him some of her monkey biscuits. When bored, the two take a ride on Bubbles, a 27-years-old African elephant.

Word of their bizarre but beautiful relationship reached the media and now Suryia and Roscoe will be featured on one of Oprah‘s special shows, called Amazing Animal Friendship. National Geographic also paid them a visit.

Their bond might seem incredible, but if tigers and pigs can be friends, then anything is possible.

Photos by Barry Bland/Barcroft Media

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The Knitted Village

These lovely old ladies have spent a long time knitting their classic British village of Mersham.

It all started 23 years ago when the 12 women were reading an article in Women’s Weekly about another group of women who had accomplished a similar feat. They said to themselves ‘we should give it a whirl’, but had no idea it would become such an important part of their lives.

These knitted masterpieces might not look like much to the untrained eye, but all the buildings are knitted to scale and took thousand of hours to complete. When it was finished, the knitted village was presented at craft fairs and raised 10,000 pounds for the Mersham village hall fund. This Saturday, it will be up for sale in the Mersham Hall. With the media coverage this fabric work of art has received so far, I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of buyers present in the Kent village.

I dare say the knitted village looks even better than the very original knitted bike

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