World’s Most Expensive Sushi Is Covered in Gold and Diamonds

An ambitious chef from the Philippines has created the world’s most expensive sushi, wrapped in sheets of gold and small African diamonds.

Angelito Araneta Jr., a young chef from Manila, managed to create yet another delicious treat for snobs the rich and famous. The ingredients used in his serving of sushi are not much different than what you’d expect to find in any other pieces of sushi you’ve had before, except for some thin sheets of 24 carat gold and a bunch of .20 carat African diamonds.

The five pieces of gold and diamond sushi cost around $2750 and can be found in a restaurant in Manila. You might think no one buys this incredibly expensive dish, but according to Angelito Araneta Jr, his unique sushi is often used in marriage proposals and during courtship.


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Feedback (12 Comments)

  • mollywood Posted on June 29, 2010

    Wow what a stupid waste of money.

  • Mtkwk001 Posted on July 1, 2010

    Does it look like imitation crap to you guys? That's some sloppy work for the price!

  • serrano Posted on July 25, 2010

    for what i know this is not the most expensive sushi he’s ever made; this is a cheap-stake compared to the one ordered by a celebrity in our country; the Sushi Del Oriente price approx US$4,200


    Ingredients: 12 yr old Italian Balsamic Vinegar, Japanese Rice, 70 yrs old Virgin Water, Muscovado Sugar, Norwegian Pink Salmon, cucumber, mango, foie grass, Sea cucumber (smoked then pickled and steamed till tender sticky), genuine crabmeat , wild saffron, Mayonaise with butter, 12 local palawan pearls and 4 .20ct african diamonds VVS clarity

    Price: Php 198,999.00 only (vat inclusive)

    -prices may change without prior notice
    -prices depends on stone clarity and ingredients used
    -prices depends on customer’s budget”

    here is the link