Makeup Artist Transforms into Amazingly Realistic Comic Book Characters

Comic book makeup is a huge trend these days, but a few artists truly stand out for their spectacular work. Joining the ranks of Lianne Moseley and other Marvel makeup gurus is Argenis Pinal, a California-based cosmetologist.

Argenis is insanely popular on Instagram with over 100,000 followers. The man is a wizard with makeup – he’s managed to transform himself into almost several comic book characters and he’s done such a good job of it that you only realise you’re looking at a living person and not an illustration when he moves.


Argenis has imitated superheroes and villains alike, including Tony Stark, the Joker, Superman, Two-Face, Sub Zero, and Thor. He’s even transformed into female characters like Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, and Black Widow. To achieve this amazing level of realism, Argenis begins by contouring his face with dark, heavy lines. He then creates different shapes and outlines that you’d find in comic books. Once the painting is complete, he uses wigs, colored contacts, and costumed props to achieve total transformation.


When he’s not busy giving himself comic book makeovers, Argenis works as a hairstylist and freelance makeup artist for MAC cosmetics. You can check out more pictures of his work on his official Instagram account.








Photos: Argenis Pinal/Instagram

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