More Mouthwatering Hyper-Realistic Food Paintings by Tom Martin

They may look like high-resolution photos of delicious foods, but these are actually incredibly detailed paintings by acclaimed hyper-realist artist Tom Martin. All of his pieces is a least one meter wide and can sell for up to £17,000 ($27,000).

We first discovered Tom Martin’s amazing artworks back 2010, when we featured some of his most impressive food-related paintings. The 26-year-old artist has been keeping himself busy in these last few years, creating new stunning masterpieces guaranteed to make viewers drool over them. Most of his works focus on food, but you might notice there aren’t any greasy burgers and pizzas displayed in his paintings. “I focus on food and its content because it plays a very big part in my life at the moment,” the artist explains. “I am a keen fitness enthusiast and along with that comes a healthy diet and the science of learning how your body uses carbohydrates and proteins.” You will however find bowls of delicious-looking fruit cereal, toast and marmalade, and even small guilty pleasures like waffles and ice-cream.

Tom-Martin-paintingsAs you can probably imagine, creating this kind of realistic depictions take a great deal of time and patience. Tom Martin spends around two months painstakingly working on a single one of his pieces in his quest to depict what is real to the best of his abilities. “I don’t stop until I have achieved that with each of my paintings,” the talented artist from Rotherham, England, says. He uses photographs as reference for his work and applies acrylic paint with a precision brush and airbrush on an aluminum or wood panel.


Tom Martin’s latest hyper-realistic paintings will be on display at the Plus One Gallery, in London, where he has a solo exhibition running from October 9 to November 2.









Photos: Tom Martin/Plus One Gallery

via Daily Mail/Solent News