South-Korean Artist Creates the Most Detailed Celebrity Figurines

Park Yong Jae is an incredibly talented artist from South-Korean who specializes in molding and sculpting hyperrealistic figurines of iconic Hollywood actors and K-pop stars.

Not much is known about Park Yong Jae’s work, but he does have hundreds of thousands of followers across several social networks, and for good reason, his hyperrealistic figurines are simply out of this world! The young artist starts by sculpting the heads of his creations, using special tools to recreate every detail, down to individual hair strands. He then attaches them to bodies with movable joints and even uses miniature clothing to really nail their iconic look. The end result is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Some of the characters Park Yong Jae has sculpted over the years include Leonardo Di Caprio in Romeo and Juliet, Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump, Jean Reno in Leon, Heath Ledger as Joker, and Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne. It’s hard to choose a favorite because they all look absolutely stunning.


For some reason, the artist, who goes by YJ Park on social media, stopped posting on social media platforms like Facebook, and on Instagram, where he still appears to be active, he only posts photos and videos of his old works. Still, that is enough to draw in new fans every month.


We’ve featured some pretty cool figurines on Oddity Central over the years, but we’ve never seen anything quite like the masterpieces of YJ Park, at least in terms of realism.


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