Talented Artist Creates Beautiful Artworks with Hundreds of Strips of Paper

Bekah Stonefox is a 45-year-old artist from the UK who specializes in creating intricate works of art with hundreds of colorful strips of paper.

The talented artist has been honing her quilling skills for the last five years, and has put together quite the impressive collection of artworks, from detailed portraits of imaginary human characters, to animals like dogs, cats and even gorillas. Bekah’s most remarkable skill is using various quilling techniques to depict various textures, like the fur on mammals, the feathers on birds, or the skin of reptiles. It almost seems like there is nothing she can’t recreate from tiny bits of paper.

While many quilling artist use multiple techniques in their artworks, Bekah Stonefox relies only on the on-edge technique to make her creations look as realistic as possible.

For more amazing quilled artworks, check out Bekah’s blog as well as her Facebook page.

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Photos © Bekah Stonefox

via Bored Panda

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