Arabian Tuner Specializes in Covering Cars with Thousands of Shiny Coins

A Dubai-based car tuning company aptly named Cars Coin has come up with an original way of giving luxury vehicles a unique look. They simply cover the cars in tens of thousands of modern and antique coins to make them “shine as if they were made of diamonds”.

It’s not easy making your car stand out in the UAE. It doesn’t matter if you drive the latest Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche, there are probably hundreds of others just like it lining the streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Covering your ride in gold foil is an option, but it’s been done more than once. Luckily, a group of tuning enthusiasts have come up with a new way to make expensive cars look unique. The guys at Cars Coin, an independent car workshop in Dubai, specialize in draping luxury cars in thousands of coins. Photos of their latest creation, a 2013 Range Rover draped in no less than 57,412 old Dirham coins have been making the rounds on the internet, during the last few days. Cars Coin artists spent weeks shinning the coins and gluing each one by hand to the body of the car. According to some sources, this extra metal layer added another 170 kilos to the weight of the luxury SUV. Just to make sure no one is tempted to steal the coins, the tuners used old Dirham coins that are no longer in circulation. But it’s not like most people in the UAE need small change, anyway.


This blinged-out Range Rover isn’t Cars Coin’s only accomplishment. Back in 2011 they unveiled their first major work of art – a Mercedes Benz G55 AMG covered in 47,000 shiny 1 Dirham coins. They always make sure to include flags of Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE, and cover the windows of the cars with posters of Arab leaders. The guys at Cars Coin are available for commission work, although I doubt too many of us can afford it. On the bright side, who would really want their car covered in coins anyway?


Coins aren’t the only things people have used to make their cars stand out, over the years. The Toy Car, the Porcelain Car or the Swarovski-covered car are great examples of human ingenuity in this field.

















 Photos © Cars Coin

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