Company Unveils World’s First Commercially Available Luxury Tank

If you happen to be a motor enthusiast with a soft-spot for ‘extreme off road recreation’, we have great news for you. The world’s first luxury tank – the Ripsaw EV2 Extreme Luxury Tank – is now available for purchase!

According maker Howe and Howe Tech, the platform ‘Ripsaw’ platform was originally designed and built as a high speed super tank for military use. It quickly proved to be the “fastest dual tracked vehicle ever developed” and ended up on the cover of Popular Science magazine. In 2013, Howe and Howe decided to introduce the cutting edge technology to the high end, luxury market. They spent “thousands of man hours” working on the project, and finally unveiled the ‘Ripsaw EV2’, a “handcrafted, limited run, high end luxury super tank, developed for the public.”


Once the company receives an order, a Ripsaw EV2 takes up to 6 months to complete, as each of them is built by hand. There aren’t many other details available on the tank right now, but its makers did reveal that the vehicle’s luxury and performance is customizable, with the cost running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Gizmag reports that the Ripsaw EV2 will have “a power winch, gull-wing doors, a high-intensity light bar, 12 inches of suspension travel, and a diesel engine that puts out over 600 hp.” The interior, they speculate, will look like something out of a Batman movie.


You’d obviously have to be stinking rich to even think of owning the Ripsaw EV2, but one thing’s for sure – if you do own one, you’ll never need roads again. This bad boy can drive over anything.


If-you’re into this kind of bad-ass military-inspired vehicles, you may want to check out the DTV Shredder.




Photos: Howe & Howe Tech

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