Burger King’s ‘Real Cheeseburger’ Contains 20 Slices of Processed Cheese, No Meat, No Sauce

Burger King Thailand recently shocked the fast food world with its latest addition to the menu – a ‘real cheeseburger’ that consists of 20 slices of cheese between two sesame burger buns.

The Real Cheeseburger hit Burger King locations across Thailand last Sunday and immediately went viral online. People started posting photos of the tower-like burger, expressing their disbelief that something like this was actually being sold as food. Many people still didn’t believe it was anything more than a stunt, but Burger King clarified that “This is no joke. This is for real,” via its social media channels. The unusual burger, which consists of 20 slices of American cheese stacked between two buns, comes with no sauce, pickles, and most importantly, no meat patty. By some accounts, the cheese is sometimes not even grilled or melted.

“That’s not a burger. It’s a portable heart attack,” one person tweeted about the cheesy burger.

“At first I thought it was a joke, but it was actually sold to me,” someone else said in a TikTok video.


Reactions to the Real Cheeseburger have been mixed, but you know what they say, even negative publicity is free publicity, and people have been flocking to Burger King locations in Thailand in droves just to try the unusual burger. It has been selling at a discounted price  – 109 Thai baht ($3.1), compared with the usual price of 380 baht ($10.9) – and some restaurants have had to suspend delivery orders just to keep up with demand from walk-in diners. Most of them had just seen the edible oddity on social media and just wanted to try it.

Most of the people who tried the Real Cheeseburger said that the amount of cheese was overwhelming. Even if some loved extra cheese in their burgers, the lack of literally any other ingredients except the buns made it literally hard to swallow. One person said they could only get through half of the burger because of the sheer amount of cheese.


“I could only finish half of it,” the curious diner said. “This is an insane amount of cheese added into one burger. Food is good when things are at the right combination.”

Initially, the Real Cheeseburger was supposed to be a very limited-time offer, with Thursday being the last day you could buy one at Burger King, but here we are on Friday, and some locations are still selling it. The New York Times reports that the cheesy fast food treat is still available for order online and at least one physical location and one employee told the news outlet that it would remain on the menu at least until July 20th.