Donutopia – A $100 Donut That Takes 5 Hours to Make

Paying $100 for a donut seems crazy, but Donutopia is no ordinary confectionery, it’s a culinary masterpiece covered in 24-karat gold flakes and edible sugar diamonds. These treats are made with the finest ingredients, including $39 Bling H2O water.

“Each one takes three to five hours to make,” says Jeanne Kaminski, co-owner of Dolicious Donuts in West Kelowna, Canada, where the delectable donuts were invented. They were inspired by a loyal customer who wanted to use one of their creations to propose to his girlfriend. He asked for a cream-filled Bismarck donut to act as a pillow for the engagement ring, but they decided to make him something truly impressive. The first Donutopia got such positive feedback that they decided to include it on the menu.


The $100 price tag is sure to put a lot of people off, but those willing to spend a fortune on such dreamy treats say it’s well worth it. “It was like an orgasm in my mouth,” James Daly, who purchased the very first one,” wrote on Facebook. “Flavors dancing around on my taste buds like it was a disco party!!! Mhmm! Worth it for sure.”


Donutopia is a dessert for the 1%, that’s for sure, but a spokesperson from Dolicious Donuts said that it serves a good cause – all proceeds from sales will go towards setting up a soup kitchen in West Kelowna.


This $100 donut filled with wine-infused cream and glazed with chocolate-balsamic vinegar icing isn’t the first outrageous treat we’ve featured on Oddity Central. A few months ago we wrote about albino caviar, a special kind of fish eggs laced with 22-carat gold and last year we had glittering bread sprinkled with edible gold.

Photos: Dolicious Donuts/Facebook


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