Indonesian Bakery Creates the World’s Most Elaborate Wedding Cakes

LeNovelle Cake, a family-run bakery in Jakarta, Indonesia, specializes in epic wedding cakes. From fairy-tale castles to glazed cathedrals and pagodas up to 7 meters tall and complete with detailed turrets, pillars and balconies, these guys can turn the most outlandish architectural design into a magnificent cake.

The world-famous bakery was founded in 1993 as a neighborhood cake business selling birthday cakes to friends and family, but it slowly grew and in 2004 it started selling wedding cakes under the LeNovelle Cake brand. Their designs have been getting more complex every year, and today they can have up to 24 people working 12 hours a day for over a month to complete just one of their sugar-coated masterpieces.

Photo: LeNovelle Cake/Instagram

“We take on several projects at a time but three weeks to one month is what we average on when making our large cakes,” Tiffany Riyadi, whose parents run LeNovelle Cake, told Daily Mail. “We love putting in personal touches that show our clients their cake is truly made for them and is all about them.”

According to Tiffany, pictures, as amazing as they look, “do not show the true scale and enormity of the cake themselves.” The largest of them measure around 7-meters-tall and can weigh dozens of pounds. They are so big that they would never fit in a normal car, or even a small van, so the company usually uses trucks to transport their cakes.

“Usually we need two trucks to carry a structural cake. Otherwise they won’t fit through a normal car door. We will then have a team of staff to repair any damage during transportation, assemble the cake and sugar flowers and do the finishing touches,” Tiffany Riyadi said. “The largest of our cakes required five trucks and eight man hours to assemble.”

To make the cakes even more impressive to look at, LeNovelle will often fit them with lighting. “For the interior lights, we hollow out the structure and install a small light bulb in it. Depending on the request we can then connect the cable to a battery, or simply connect the wires to a power outlet,” Tiffany said.

“For lights that wrap around the cake, we used a normal Christmas lights and hide the cables between our sugar flowers or crystals as needed. Afterwards, we cover the cakes in icing fondant and carry on with the decoration as normal,” she adds.

You will be disappointed to learn that these breathtaking castles are only partially edible. The most detailed elements are actually made from Styrofoam which is then coated with fondant icing and decorated with sugar paste flowers. So while the base itself and sometimes the upper tiers are completely edible, when it comes to the towers, arches or balconies, only the outside can be eaten.

However, LeNovelle Cake claims that they can create 100% edible castles as well, they just haven’t gotten an order for one yet. The cost of making such a decadent treat is too prohibitive, Riyadi claims, plus no one needs that much cake anyway.

Prices for LeNovelle Cake’s elaborate creations start at $5,000, but the most expensive one they’ve ever made was sold for a whopping $500,000. The fact that it featured 100 diamond rings might have bumped up the price tag as well, though.

As you’ve probably already guessed after looking at these photos, LeNovelle Cake draws inspiration for its awe-inspiring creations from popular Disney films. Cinderella’s castle served as a model for several of the bakery’s elaborate cakes, and now Elsa’s ice castle has become an inspiration as well.

Le Novelle Cake was founded by Tiffany’s parents, Susanti Sunardjie and Ricky Riyadi, and currently has branches in Jakarta and Bali.

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