Johnnie Walker Launches Mustache Wax That Makes Whisky Drink Taste Better

Popular whisky brand Johnnie Walker has launched a bizarre new product that they claim will enhance the taste of your drink. ‘The Johnnie Walker Boldest Wax’ collection is a flavored mustache wax that when applied generously makes every sip of whisky taste better!

Priced at about £7.99 ($12) a pot, the hand-mixed waxes are made of 100 percent natural beeswax. They come in three flavors – Piperine Pepper, Citrus Essence, and Ginger Root – and are designed to complement the Johnnie Walker and ginger cocktail serve. They supposedly carry a scent that “lingers beneath the nostrils.”


“The citrus wax delivers real energy, and the flavors work together to give the drink a boost that really lifts a Johnnie & Ginger,” said mixologist Rich Woods, who advised flavor combinations for the wax collection. “This stands in contrast to the Piperine Pepper, which subtly brings out the more sophisticated fruit and caramel aromas in the drink.”

“Finally there’s the Ginger Root, which delivers an immediate kick – and is definitely one for those who prefer a more fiery experience.”


The launch of these new products comes in response to latest hipster trend that involves men sporting big, handlebar mustaches. “John Walker was a mustache wearer himself – and we’re sure he’d have sniffed out a mustache wax that enhances the flavor of a Johnnie & Ginger as a great idea,” said Oscar Ocana, a representative of the brand.

It took six months to create the pocket-size wax collection, which is now available exclusively at the East London salon ‘Huckle The Barber’. Each pot costs about $12, and the entire set can be yours for £20 (about $30).


Photos: Johnny Walker/Huckle the Barber

via Frost Magazine

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