Taiwanese Restaurant Serves Whole, Unpeeled Frog Ramen

A ramen shop in Yunlin, Taiwan is giving the phrase “exotic food” a whole new meaning with its latest dish, a ramen bowl containing an uncut, unpeeled frog.

“Frog Frog Frog Ramen” (蛙呀蛙呀蛙拉麵), the latest item on the menu of Taiwanese ramen shop Yuan Ramen (圓拉麵) recently went viral on social media because of a certain ingredient – a large, unpeeled frog perched atop the bowl of noodles. The Yulin-based shop only recently posted photos of the bizarre dish, asking fans to suggest names for it on Facebook. It also announced that the frog ramen would be available on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, in very limited quantities, for the price of NT$250 (US$8) per bowl. But if you only want to come in and take pictures of the frog ramen, you can do that for just NT$100 ($3.20).

The owner of Yuan Ramen told Taiwan News that they were inspired by the isopod ramen that went viral on social media last month. Since eating frogs is quite common around Yunlin, they decided to make their own eye-catching ramen, but with a local twist.

Apparently, some people were actually brave enough to try the frog ramen and actually liked it, but the shop will make the decision whether or not to make it a permanent item on the menu after getting more feedback.


On Facebook, Yuan Ramen revealed that its Frog Frog Frog Ramen consists of the shop’s classic fish soup base, classic ramen noodles, clams, and an “uncut, unpeeled” 200g frog, sprinkled with green onions.

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