Taste the Emptiness – Japanese Company Launches Flavorless Candy

Japanese convenience store chain Lawson recently launched a rather intriguing new product – flavorless candy that apparently tastes like emptiness.

Whether it be sweet, sour, salty or even spicy, candy has always been associated with a type of flavor. Well, at least until now, because flavorless candy is a thing these days. Lawson, one of Japan’s largest convenience store chains is currently testing a number of products, including the aptly-named Aji no Shinai? Ame (Tasteless? Candy), which apparently tastes like nothing. As you can imagine, the marketed lack of flavor has been raising eyebrows in Japan, and for good reason, after all, can you even imagine sucking on a candy that doesn’t have any taste?

Photo: @kuwane/Twitter

According to the packaging, Aji no Shinai? Ame candy only has two ingredients: synthetic sugar substitute polydextrose and organic sugar substitute erythritol. But is it really tasteless? Well, that’s what Lawson claims, but we never tried it, so we couldn’t say. Luckily, the guys at SoraNews24 got their hands on a pack and were surprised by how flavorless the candy was.

But even though the makers of Aji no Shinai? Ame were able to reduce the flavor to almost nothing, the candy apparently has a very faint aroma that SoraNews24 testers compared to that of a watered-down sports drink. There is also a hint of sweetness to it, comparable to that of white rice.

Photo: @kuwane/Twitter

Flavorless candy may not be completely flavorless, but that’s unsurprising. After all, even metal or rock has some flavor, but as far as candy goes, you’ll have a tough time finding a less flavorful type.

So why bother making a flavorless candy? Isn’t flavor the main reason to eat candy? Well, apparently some people just use candy to keep their mouths and throats from drying out and could do without all the sweetness and artificial flavoring. Mint candy could be an option, but with medicinal mask requirements still in place, getting a blast of minty air in your eyes is somewhat of a concern.

Photo: @kuwane/Twitter

Is flavorless candy here to stay? Well, it all depends on consumers. If they buy it and vote for it to become a permanent fixture in Lawson convenience stores, then we’ll be able to enjoy the ‘taste of emptiness’ for years to come.