The World’s Most Beautiful Bagel

For the last 20 years, people have been coming to The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York, to have a taste of the world’s most beautiful bagel. Aptly named “Rainbow Bagel”, the unique treat looks more like Play Doh than actual food, but reportedly tastes much, much better.

Scott Rosillo, the “world’s premier bagel artist” and owner of The Bagel Store, is the mastermind behind the popular rainbow bagel. “It’s an absolute labor of passion and art,” he said during a video interview with Insider Food. “A tremendous amount of discipline is required to make the world’s most beautiful bagel”. The process is apparently so complex that the store only makes about 100 of them every five hours. Rosillo says that he and his team can make 5,000 ordinary bagels in the same amount of time.


To create these colorful treats, individual batches of dough are colored with neon food coloring, flattened and stacked on top of each other in layers. The mound of colorful dough is then cut into slices, which are then expertly rolled into strip-like ropes and connected into circle shapes and popped into the oven. Although Rosillo won’t share the exact recipe of his rainbow bagels, he did reveal that they have “blueberry fruity flavors”, taste like cereal and are egg and dairy free.


The Bagel Shop sells a variety of special bagels, like French toast bagel with Nutella cream cheese, a bacon, egg and cheese bagel called BEC or the Cragel, a hybrid between a croissant and a bagel. They’re all apparently delicious, but the rainbow bagel remains the most popular. It has always drawn attention because of its unique look, but the treat has really taken off in the last few months, thanks to an explosion of photos on Instagram.


The good news is that rainbow bagels are shipped nationwide at a price of $3.95, but the bad news is that there is such a huge demand for them right now that there’s actually a waiting list. Rosillo advises patrons to visit the Bedford Avenue shop in Williamsburg for the best chance to actually find rainbow bagels available, since the other shops always have a very limited supply.


Rainbow bagels allegedly taste best with the in-house made Funfetti cream cheese. “That is like eating cake for breakfast, which, like, who doesn’t want that?” one customer said.






Photos: The Bagel Store/Facebook

via: Business Insider, Pulptastic

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