This Cotton Candy Pizza Makes Pineapple Topping Seem Mighty Delicious

If you thought pineapple was the worst thing to put on a pizza, you were very wrong. A restaurant in Japan is offering pizza topped with cotton candy and seasoned with honey sauce. Sounds “devine”!

Schmatz Beer Dining, a German-themed restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, is changing pizza as we know it. Instead of classic ingredients like prosciutto, peppers or tomato sauce, it uses spun sugar as the main ingredient for one of its pies. And if you’re thinking that this is probably just a pizza-shaped dessert, you’re wrong again. The bizarre dish consists of a thin-crust pizza dough pie, cheese and cotton candy. The ketchup is replaced by a special honey-based ginger sauce that is poured over the cotton candy, melting the candy floss and allowing the sugar to really get into the pizza.

Cotton candy pizza recently made news headlines in Japan, after Schmatz advertised it as a way of celebrating cherry blossom season. They added pink coloring and cherry blossom flavoring to both the cotton candy and the ginger sauce. This special pizza is only a temporary item on the menu, and can only be ordered until April 2nd.

I can almost see conservative pizza fans breathing a sigh of relief at the news that this travesty is only a promotional gimmick, but it’s actually not. While the special cherry blossom variant is just a one-off thing, plain cotton candy pizza is here to stay. In fact, RocketNews24 reports that Schmatz has been serving the unusual dish for a while now, so it must be pretty popular.

So if you ever find yourself in the Kanda district of Tokyo and get a craving for cheese pizza and cotton candy, stop by Schmatz Beer Dining. They’ll hook you up!

Or you could spend $2,000 on this gold-covered pizza, instead.


Photos: Schmatz Beer Dining/Facebook