This Giant Cup Of Coffee Comes With a Cotton Candy Cloud That Rains Sugar

If you’re looking for the ultimate instagrammable coffee, you’ll have a tough time finding something cooler than Sweet Little Rain. That’s an odd name for a cup of coffee, but once you see it in action, you’ll realize it makes perfect sense.

Mellower Coffee, a Chinese coffee shop chain headquartered in Shanghai, owes much of its popularity to its gimmicky Sweet Little Rain, a large cup of Americano coffee served with a fluffy cloud of cotton coffee hanging over it. The steam rises up from the hot coffee melting the cotton candy and causing it to slowly rain down into the cup in the form of sweet sugar droplets.  At around $9 per serving, Sweet Little Rain isn’t the cheapest cup of coffee money can buy, but if you’re looking to impress your Instagram followers, it’s definitely worth it.

Photo: Mellower Coffee/Facebook

As ingenious as the concept behind Sweet Little Rain may seem at first glance, a closer look reveals that’s melting cotton candy isn’t the most practical way to sweeten a cup of coffee. First of all, the cotton candy takes a while to melt, although you can speed things up by just breaking up bits of it and throwing them into the cup. Also, the sugary rain can get pretty messy.


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The cotton candy cloud extends over the cup by quite a bit, so the sugary rain doesn’t just land into the coffee, but on the cup and saucer as well, so the chances of getting sticky fingers while drinking are pretty high. Sure, they could make the cotton candy smaller, but I guess it wouldn’t look as cool.


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The Sweet Little Rain concept has been copied by several other specialty coffee chains in Asia, including Lepaq Lepaq from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Karmakamet Diner, in Bankok, Thailand, but Mellower Coffee was one of the first, if not the first, to use it.


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If you’re looking for more Instagram worthy treats, you can find plenty of inspiration on Oddity Central. In the past, we’ve featured all-natural blue soup, jet-black fish and chips, pink pineapple and even cotton candy pizza, among other things.


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