Canadian Company Invents Scratch-and-Sniff Jeans for Men

When I was a kid, scratch-and-sniff stickers were the rage. We had all kinds of flavors and odors back then. While I have no idea if kids these days are still into such things, it does seem the in-thing for grown men, not with stickers, but jeans! Last week, a Canadian company launched a brand new line of scratch-and-sniff jeans.

Naked & Famous Denim, a company based in Montreal, has introduced the jeans at a price of $150. What’s special about them is that they smell like raspberry candy, when scratched. Unfortunately, the smell does fade over time, and you’ll be left with just a regular pair of denim pants. According to designer and company founder Brandon Svarc, the scent will last through at least five washings. But he says it shouldn’t be much of a problem since many of their male customers don’t wash their jeans very often, and some never wash them at all.

If you think scratch-and-sniff jeans are crazy, wait till you hear some of the other wacky products Naked & Famous Denim have come up with. They have strange names for pant sizes, like SkinnyGuy, WeirdGuy and SlimGuy. Their most interesting product till date is glow-in-the-dark jeans. Svarc says that they just like to make fun and special products that make customers smile.  Next season, they plan to introduce the scented jeans for women too. I’m buying!


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