German Man to Sell His Face for Tattooed Advertisements

A German man loves dogs so much that he wants to build a museum dedicated to St. Bernard dogs. So what does he do to raise the money? Why rent out his face, of course. The idea seems so simple, I wonder why people don’t do it all the time. Maybe because no one wants to walk around with a bunch of advertisements TATTOOED on their face. But Uwe Troschel has no such qualms, so he’s perfectly happy to rent out sections of his face for companies to place their advertisements on.

Each section comes at a price of its own. So to put up an ad on Troschel’s forehead costs 50,000  euro, and each cheek, 20,000 euro. The nose is priced at 2,000, and if any company is interested in the entire face, it would set them back a whopping 100,000 euro. His intentions are commendable, but I’m not sure this is the right way to go about helping his four-legged friends. After all, when this is all said and done, they might not even recognize him…

Photo by Dirk Sukow

Interestingly, the concept of renting out human body parts for advertising is not new. It started many years ago when an American woman had tattooed on her forehead for $10,000. Also, a few months ago we wrote about this woman from New Zealand who was auctioning off a space on her backside for advertisers. It’s crazy, what people are willing to do for money.


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