Russian Journalist Holds Promise to Literally Eat His Words after Prediction Proves Wrong

Vyacheslav Ledovsky, a journalist from the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, surprised a lot of people when he decided to hold true to the promise he made two years ago, to eat his own article should his prediction about work on local infrastructure prove wrong.

Ledovsky, a writer for The Builder newspaper, wrote an article in 2010 entitled “Promises are made to be broken”, in which he expressed serious doubts about the promises made by Krasnoyarsk region governor Lev Kuznetsov regarding a plan to start the construction of a fourth bridge over the Yenisei River, before 2015. The journalist was so convinced Kuznetzov wouldn’t keep his promise that he in turn assured his readers he would eat his article should work on the bridge begin before the announced deadline. Much to Vyacheslav’s surprise, construction on the fourth bridge began in September of 2012, forcing him to make a decision – either eat the newspaper article like he said he would or look for excuses and possibly have his reputation tarnished.

But what kind of person complains about others breaking their promises, and doesn’t keep the ones he makes, right? So Mr. Ledovsky cut the newspaper publication into pieces, seasoned the article with sour cream and ate it. It is often frustrating to do what you promised, but you either do not make promises, or just do it,” the journalist said before starting his “tasty” meal. To show everyone he’s an honorable man, he videotaped the whole thing and uploaded it to YouTube, for the world to see. “Our country has no future unless we follow our promises,” Vyacheslav commented. Of course, not everyone was happy with his effort. You should have eaten the entire print run,” someone commented on the video.


via English Pravda

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