Wannabe Actor Writes, Directs and Stars in His Own Films, Makes $400,000 a Year

Despite never acting in a big Hollywood movie, Dennis Woodruff is a living legend in Los Angeles, known for driving around town in his crazy art cars and advertising his acting services. But it appears the long-time wannabe actor is turning over a new leaf and making a fortune in the process.

For around 20 years he has been known as the guy driving along Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards in ridiculous art cars covered in hand-painted signs, portfolio photos and phone numbers, trying to land a movie part. Like Angelyne, he became a local celebrity that everybody seemed to recognize, but his dream was to star in movies and he wasn’t going to give up on it. Dennis visited over 200 casting agencies only to face rejection after rejection, but he was hellbent on leaving his mark on Hollywood, and recently decided the only way he could do that was t make his own movies.

The most amazing thing is Dennis Woodruff does the work a hundred people do in big Hollywood studios, he’s the producer, screenwriter, director and star actor of his movies, he does all the editing, special effects, casting and is in charge of all the camera work. So far he has made 24 movies and managed to sell over 100,000 copies of them out of the trunk of his car, most of them to tourists. The one-man movie crew says this is only the beginning, and that now even the big studios are interested in his films. But, although he makes around $400,000 a year, Woodruff still chooses to live in his old caravan, parked just behind Paramount Studios.

Dennis, who apparently is the grandson of the original Hollywood sign, S. H. Woodruff, has quite a cult following, with a fan club of around 2.6 million people around the world. Check out a trailer for one of his most popular films, Spaceman, at the bottom of the page.


Photos via Tabloid Baby