Artist Turns Dull Buildings into Fairytale Settings

Ukrainian artist Daria Marchenko and her team were commissioned by a night-time delivery company to turn their dull-delivery points into something truly special, and the results are just fantastic.

Night Express, a courier service operating in the Ukraine, decided to remind their clients about their favorite fairytales, cartoons and childhood dreams, by turning delivery points in various Ukrainian cities into mind-blowing optical illusions. The fact that Night Express operates at night, when people dream, was the inspiration behind this amazing project carried out by Daria Marchenko and her team of gifted artists.

Daria sketched the designs on the buildings, then with the help of Sergei Murashko, Artem Yalova and Andrei Grandzenko turned them into colorful fairytale settings. So far they’ve converted Night Express delivery points in cities like Dnepropetrovsk, Cherkasov and Kherson, but apparently this is only the beginning. Now if only I could convince Daria Marchenko to visit my city…










via Dash Art

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