Atomic Fallout Burger Is So Hot You Need Gloves to Eat It

Living up to its name, the Atomic Fallout burger is so hot that owners of the Atomic Burger restaurant, in Bristol, England, require daredevils to sign a waiver and wear protective gloves so not to burn their hands.

Eating a burger is usually a pleasurable experience, but chowing down on the Atomic Fallout burger is a painful challenge. According to restaurant owner Martin Bunce, the sauce in the mouth-burning fast food treat contains “a variety of chillies including the Ghost Chilli and the Scotch Bonnet. But what gives the sauce a real kick is the Ghost Chilli extract which registers at 4.2 million Scoville units.” Considering Tabasco sauce is ranked at just 5000 units on the Scoville scale, you can understand why some people are referring to the Atomic Fallout as the hottest burger in the world. Apart from the stomach melting Ghost Chilli extract, chefs at the Atomic Burger, in Bristol, also use a variety of other chillies, including the tiny but ultra-hot Scotch Bonnet.

Photo: Food Network

The Fallout Challenge, where patrons were asked to chow down on the £25 hot burger in under an hour, was introduced as a four-week special at the Bristol restaurant, but even after it expired so many people came round asking to do it that it became a permanent fixture. But finishing this particular meal isn’t as easy as you might think. First, the courageous eaters have to sign a disclaimer absolving the restaurant of any legal obligations in case of medical problems, and are asked to put on latex gloves, as the hot sauce would otherwise burn their hands. And as if the hotness of the burger wasn’t bad enough, its size is also a problem. Challengers have to go through 18oz of minced beef and 18oz of cheese sandwiched between two deep-fried pizza slices instead of buns, as well as a triple serving of chilli fries. Mr Bunce says that about 500 people have so went through the Fallout Challenge, and only about 1 in 10 has actually managed to beat it, adding that he himself only managed to eat a quarter of the burger. The victors get a special t-shirt and their name mounted on the restaurant’s Wall of Flame.

Photo: Sofia Bianca

If you’re looking for more hot eating challenges in the UK, the Red Dog Saloon’s Viper Challenge might interest you. All you’re required to do is eat six chicken wings in ten minutes. Sound easy enough, only there is a catch – the wings are smothered in sauce made from Naga Vipers, the world’s hottest chilli peppers.


 via Elite Daily