Eat Like a Caveman at Berlin’s Sauvage Restaurant

A new restaurant in Berlin insists upon feeding its customers with the food that cavemen devoured. So basically, no bread, sugar, or cheese on the menu.

The Sauvage Restaurant proudly announces their ‘Real Food Revolution – Paleolithic cuisine!’ Guests are served dishes that contain ingredients most-likely used by hunter-gatherers. The owners of this place unsurprisingly adhere to the Paleolithic movement, which prescribes a lifestyle of a Paleo diet, lots of exercise, high contact with nature and sunlight, minimal clothing, plenty of sleep and spending a lot of time barefoot. Diners are served their meals at candle-lit tables. The food served consists of organic, unprocessed fruit and vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, and herbs. Some of the exercises of the caveman-era are also mimicked by the owners such as  lifting boulders and running barefoot. To emulate the loss of blood that cavemen endured in their hunt for food, they regularly donate blood. These practices are recommended to guests as well, but they could just stick to the Paleo food if they wish.

Photo © Sigrid Malmgren

Boris Leite-Poço from Sauvage says the Paleolithic diet is not just some fad, but a worldwide phenomenon. The trend is strongest in the US, he says, where people are fed up with fast food and the illnesses that come with an unhealthy diet.  Other items included in the menu are smoked salmon with herb dressing, alads with olives, capers and pine nuts,  gluten-free bread with nut-based butter or olive tapenades, and other varieties of meat and fish. For those who just cannot do without dessert, a gluten-free spicy pumpkin pie is served. Of course, a few allowances are made, such as wine and cooked meat. Leite-Poço says that he cannot afford to serve raw meat and lose his license. Also, the food is not really cooked on an open fire.

Photo © DPA

Around the world, the Paleo diet has been touted as an effective weight-loss method.

via Spiegel, ExBerliner

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