Edible Deodorant Tastes Sweet, Makes You Smell Like Roses

Did you ever think there would come a day when the sweets you eat actually make you smell sweet as well? Well, my friends, that day is today! Introducing Deo Perfume Candy, the edible deodorant that makes you smell like fresh roses from a stunningly beautiful valley in Bulgaria.

Actually, the concept has been around for some time, but food company Beneo is finally introducing it on the US market, in the form of Deo Perfume Candy. Humans have known about the connection between what we eat and what we smell like for a while, but it was a group of Japanese researchers who discovered that eating geraniol makes people smell sweet. There was even a chewing gum called Otoko Kaoru (“man scent”) launched years ago, but it didn’t really catch on and it was soon discontinued. Now Beneo has teamed up with Bulgarian confectioner Alpi to create Deo, a special candy that will apparently turn you into a walking air-freshener for up to six hours. “Geraniol is a natural antioxidant and its fragrance, once consumed as a candy, leaves the body through its pores, creating a naturally sweet smell that can last for hours,” a press release on Beneo’s website explains. The company recommends one serving size for a person weighing 145 pounds.

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Deo Perfume Candy has been available for sale in the US since August, but only online. The sugar-free treats are supposed to carry the relaxing fragrance of wild roses from a beautiful Bulgarian valley, tucked away between two mountain ranges. The scent from this so-called “valley of roses” is carried by the wind and stirs the senses of locals, who have begun using the flowers to make all kinds of products, from rose oil to perfumes, jams and more. Now you can have this godly scent oozing from your pores just by popping a few of these perfume sweets. And according to BENEO Area Sales Manager, Wim Dries, although Deo works pretty much the same way as garlic, it’s the perfect antidote to the fowl-smelling spice: “Many people like garlic, and it’s especially popular in European diets, but the tell-tale smell lingers for some time after a meal. Deo is the perfect antidote.”

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Deo Perfume Candy is currently priced at $10 per bag, considerably more expensive than traditional deodorants, but you can’t really eat Old Spice, can you? Sales in US are already going  great, and when Deo finally hits retailer shelves, we may witness a body odor renaissance. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as a wave of other such nutricosmetics is expected to hit the market in the next few years. Swallowable Parfum, an ingestible fragrance that’s supposed to release a unique pleasant scent through perspiration, is one such product, and developers say it could be market-ready in three to five years.

via Guardian.co.uk

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