Extreme Kidnapping – Detroit Company Abducts Clients for Fun

Extreme Kidnapping is a low-profile Detroit company that offer clients the chance to get abducted and spice up their mundane lives. The realistic experience includes getting handcuffed, slapped by goons, zapped with a stun gun and even attacked with police pepper spray.

If you need a break from your boring life and feel that extreme sports like bungee jumping or jumping out of an airplane just won’t cut it, you need to look into the services of Extreme Kidnapping. According to founder Adam Thick, “this service caters to the extreme sports adventurer who is bored with what’s currently available; this takes it to a whole other level. If you don’t feel like you’re really being kidnapped and your life is in danger, then we’re not doing our job.” To make sure he offers customers their money’s worth, Adam says he’s not afraid to hire henchmen with a criminal background, who can get mean and rough when they need to. Thick himself is a convicted counterfeiter so you can say that staging an illegal act is right up his alley. It’s hard to describe what an average fake abduction is like, because Extreme Kidnapping offers custom services designed according to clients’ requests, but one thing you can expect is to be genuinely scared.


Photo: Extreme Kidnapping

Adam Thick says he got the idea for Extreme Kidnapping from the Michael Douglas thriller “The Game” and set out to offer the most realistic abduction he could to clients willing to pay a few bucks for a truly unforgettable experience. Although he never gives out all the details, Thick offers potential customers different scenarios to choose from, according to their personal preferences and available budget. The least expensive option costs $500, but if you’re looking for an overnight adventure that will put both your physical and mental strength to the test, you’ll have to fork out $1,200. To make the kidnapping feel genuine, Adam and his crew will try to surprise clients by picking them up when they least expect it. You can be picked up and thrown into a car months after you’ve signed up for the service. During the course of your abduction, you’ll blindfolded, threatened with guns, slapped around, and tortured in various ways. But it’s all in good fun, and to make sure clients are not hurt against their will, Adam and his victims agree on a safe word to be uttered if things get too hard to bear.


Photo: Extreme Kidnapping

Extreme Kidnapping gained some notoriety after it was recently featured in GQ Magazine. Journalist Drew Magary went through a fake abduction and wrote about it in the popular men’s publication. He was handcuffed, blindfolded and dumped into a basement. His kidnappers didn’t shy away from slapping him whenever he made any requests or smart remarks, and he was given a small bottle to pee into, which he accidentally dropped all over his clothes. Adam and his crew threatened to use police pepper spray and cut off his toes if he didn’t do as he was told, and Magary says he actually thought them capable of all these things. Thick told him that he has gotten some pretty weird requests since e started Extreme Kidnapping. Some wanted to be beaten with a pool cute, others wanted to be wrapped, shipped to Mexico and sold to traffickers, and one actually asked to be barbecued over a spit. “Man…I’ve heard it all,” Thick said.


Extreme Kidnapping apparently gets requests from all over the world to stage events, but Thick says he would have to set up subsidiaries in order to make it work. He was asked to move his business to a more appropriate city, like Las Vegas, but he is reluctant to do so, because all his family and friends are in Detroit. So for now, you’ll have to go to him in order to get kidnapped. Or, if you’re in France, you can try a similar service – Ultimate Realite.

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