Honduran Man Has Been Sleeping on the Side of the Road for Two Weeks to Protest Abuse

Javier Lara, a 48-year-old Honduran man who was evicted from his home on charges of domestic violence, has been sleeping on the side of the road, outside a police station, for two week, in protest of what he calls an abuse against him.

The retired police officer told reporters that his wife had filed a complaint of domestic violence against him and that a judge ruled that he be evicted from his house in San Francisco de la Paz, in Olancho, without even hearing his side of the story. Military police just came to his house and told him to pack up and leave. Lara maintains that not only did he never hit his wife, but also never insulted her and always tried to treat her like a lady. Despite all this, the judge sided with her without even questioning him, so he’s been sleeping on a makeshift bed on the side of the road, opposite the local police station, in protest.

Photo: La Prensa

“I support defending women, but I do not support the violation of the rights of a humble citizen, a hard-working man,” Javier Lara said. “It’s a clear case of abuse, because I have not been heard by a judge. I was thrown out of my house on the same day that I ever heard about the ruling, without even being summoned to court.”

Regarding his wife’s accusations, the man says it cannot even be considered valid, because he has not seen her in five months. She had been visiting their daughters, who Javier says she has turned against him, so he couldn’t have been caused domestic violence against her.

“I cannot cause domestic violence by changing the key to my house. That’s the only proof she presented in court, but she didn’t even know I had done it, since she wasn’t there,” Javier Lara said. “The only thing I gave her for the last 18 years was pure love. I have no money and no job. I have been unjustly kicked out of the house I built when working in the United States, without anyone asking me if I had any money or a place to stay.”

Lara’s wife didn’t even throw his stuff out, so he actually had to get the matres for his makeshift bed from a store, but has yet to pay for it.

“I am sleeping on the street because there has to be something, so that the laws don’t oppress someone for being humble,” the man said. “People have supported me because they know me. I have no complaint, I have never been arrested.”

Javier told La Prensa newspaper that he has not been beaten in court yet, and that he is scheduled to go before a judge soon. His wife has not spoken about the case to the press.

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