Horror Film Fans Have Their Very Own Zombie Wedding

Why should a trivial thing like death split up a loving couple, when they could be together for all eternity, as flesh eating zombies? I’m sure that’s what Tracy and Andy Monaghan thought when they decided to have their fairytale zombie wedding.

Tracy and Andy have been married for seven years, but their first ceremony wasn’t exactly what any of them had dreamed of. She was pregnant with their son, they didn’t have a lot of money and to top things off, it was pouring on the big day. Tracy remembers that by 7 pm that day, she wanted nothing more than to go to sleep. With this kind of memories from what was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives, its’ no surprise the English couple wanted a second chance to set things right.

Andy Monaghan has been a fan of horror movies for as long as he can remember. Tracy, on the other hand, had only seen one horror movie, before meeting Andy, and that one petrified her. But as their relationship progressed, she became as hooked on horror flicks as her soul mate, so when they talked about renewing their vows during a fairytale ceremony, a zombie wedding was the obvious choice.

In front of a congregation of zombies, the couple showed up dressed appropriately (Andy wore¬† a suit made of “human skin”, while Tracy opted for a black velvet dress, instead of the traditional white one) and boasting some really impressive makeup. Instead of the traditional wedding march, Tracy walked up to the aisle to “All we want to do is Eat Your Brains”, and their vows included phrases like “I promise to care for you as we decay together” and “so that your rotting, bloated corpse may live beside me for eternity, or until someone removes your head.” Zombie priest Mike Smith ended the dark ceremony with a long awaited “you may now eat the bride!”

After their unusual wedding, the zombie couple, accompanied by their undead friends, took to the streets of their home town of Worchester, for a zombie march similar tow what we all know from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.



via Daily Mail