Hotheads Pay to Let Out Their Aggressions in Dallas Anger Room

Have you ever been so angry that you just wanted to hurl that laptop right across the room, but restrained yourself in the interest of ‘proper conduct’? I know I have. Anger is a common emotion experienced by everybody at some point. Some manage it, some don’t. But it gets the better of even the best of us at times. However, an emotional outburst is never appreciated by the people around you, even if you had a very valid reason for it.

That’s why, now there’s the Anger Room. It’s a place where it’s absolutely okay to be angry and break things. They even give you the tools and set it up so that you can vent out all the anger from years and years of holding it all in. The founder of the room is a Dallas businesswoman, Donna Alexander. The smash sessions at the Anger Room can last for 5, 15 or 25 minutes and the place can be set up according to your liking. It could be an office, a kitchen or a living room. Cheap furniture, TV sets, balloons, inflatable punching bags and headless mannequins are provided, along with a golf club to break it all. For protection, participants are allowed a hard hat, gardening gloves, goggles and a face mask. They also require you to break things in the direction of the graffiti-filled wall, for the safety of the camera crew on the opposite side.

30-year-old Donna says she had the idea in mind ever since she was 16. “I wanted a place where you could punch holes in the walls, but I figured someone else would do it. Finally, in 2008, I started doing trial runs in my garage.” She would let her friends do all the bashing on items that she found on the streets and thrift stores. So far, she says her business has been ‘smashing’. Although she is yet to break even, it’s growing at a fast pace.


According to Donna, what surprises people the most is the amount of physical strength it takes to last even 15 minutes. I suppose when you’re angry it feels like you could destroy the world but once all that anger has been let loose, people end up gasping for air after just a few minutes. One word of advice though – if you happen to use the Anger Room, make sure you belt up your jeans tight enough. Just look at the video and you’ll know what I’m talking about…

via Man Cave Daily